New Year Expert Sex Tips from Johor Escorts

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on November 23, 2022

Now that the New Year has arrived, we can all look forward to it with our own hopes and dreams. People frequently want to lose weight while also quitting smoking or drinking. But you’re here, and we’re all degenerates who secretly want more satisfying sexual experiences. We can be happy as long as the sex is good, even if we end the year broke and the only place we’ve gained weight is in our bellies.

There are many services offered by Johor escorts including companionship. After learning that many men are struggling with have an explosive sex life, these beauties decided to come up with a solution. They managed to list down the following tips that have proven true for many.

1.    Talk Dirty

It’s always more fun to kiss someone when they’re talking. Moaning and groaning help show what you like and what makes you feel good. Telling your partner this will increase the likelihood that you will get what you want. These sound effects are used to express gratitude to a colleague for their efforts. Furthermore, they may make your partner feel more sexually excited.

2.    Incorporate Sex Toys

Incorporating sex toys is a great way to enjoy sex even more.  This is probably because vibrators and other sex toys are an easy way to make sex more interesting and fun,” he says. There are many secrets about love and intimacy that Johor escorts know and are always willing to discuss it with their clients over a cup of tea or coffee!

3.    Look for Quality and not Quantity

We care more about how many sexual encounters we have than how good they are, which is a common problem in modern society. Experts advise us to change our minds right away. “Don’t be too concerned about how frequently you have sex,” Dr. Lehmiller advised. “It’s not good when sex feels like a chore.”


There are things that you will never learn from your partners. What about planning a picnic with Johor escorts and listening to her as she shares all she knows above love and intimacy?